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Chaplin Station

Operational History

This building was first used as a train station in 1872 when the Boston, Hartford and Erie RR reached Clarks Corner in the Town of Hampton, just across the town line from Chaplin. It had been built earlier (c. 1850) possibly as a tin shop. This line was part of the Airline Route that went to Boston. It became part of the New York and New England RR in 1875 and later part of the New Haven RR in 1898. The original station sign reading "Chaplin, Boston 77M., Hudson River 150M." was acquired with the Station. Elmer Claslin Jewett became Station Agent and Telegrapher in this depot in 1896, when it stood by the double railroad tracks o the left of the bridge at Clarks Corner. When the station was replaced in July 1901 by a larger building, it was purchased by the Station Master for $2.00 and moved by a team of horses to his backyard.

Museum History

Upon the death of his daughter in 1991, her family donated the Station to the Museum. It was moved to the museum and has been restored with a replica of the original station sign. The original sign is displayed inside the station.

Category Building/Fixture Asset ID Chaplin Station Railways Erie Rail Road Operators Builder Year Built Date Retired Date Acquired Friday, January 1st 1999 Weight Height Length Width