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SPV 2000
SPV 2000 stands for "Self-Propelled Vehicle" that would serve until the year "2000". Built by the Budd Company as a successor to their successful RDC (Rail Diesel Car), the SPVs were expensive (about $1,000,000 each) and so unreliable that they earned the nickname "Seldom Powered Vehicle". Only 30 were built, and many of these eventually had their engines removed and were converted to cab cars and coaches.

Our SPV, #293, was built in November 1981 for the Metro-North Railroad, was rebuilt in the late 1980's, and served until the mid 1990's. In October 2002 it was donated to the museum by the Connecticut DOT. On February 7, 2003, after sitting unused in New Haven since 1994, it was moved the museum as part of a consist with the EMD FL9.


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