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Mary Lou Devivo with "the Mary Lou", photo copyright Pieter Roos

Members' Page

Updated 04/24/2016

Meeting Schedule for 2016

Membership Meetings 3rd Sunday of each month.

No meeting Jan. 17th!

All meetings begin at 7:00 PM (unless otherwise noted)
Meetings are held at the Windham County Memorial Hospital in the Conference Rooms.
All members are welcome, and encouraged to attend the meetings!

25 Year Pins Awarded by NRHS

 Several of our members recently received their 25 year NRHS pins.

They are – Arthur W. Hall, Jr

 Howard S. Bidwell

Brian R. Wagner

Duke York J.

Jeffrey Laverty

Michael P. O’Donnell

Barbara & Morgan Steele 

Joseph D. Cerreto

William C. Jeske

Congratulations and thank you for your time and commitment!

Proposed By-Law Changes
Endowment. Section 1. Purpose. The purpose of the Endowment Fund, hereinafter known as the Connecticut Eastern Chapter NRHS Endowment Fund, is to preserve and control a permanent body of funds to provide investment revenue for the benefit of CERM. The principal itself cannot be spent. Only the Sections in ARTICLE XIII shall apply.

 Endowment. Section 2. Trustees. Three trustees will manage the Endowment Fund. Each Trustee shall be elected for a three year term. The election shall be at the time and by the method for the election of Chapter officers. Initially, the three Trustees elected will be for terms of one, two, and three years each. Subsequently, one Trustee will be elected each year for a three year term. To fill a vacancy prior to completion of a term the remaining Trustees will nominate a replacement Trustee. The interim Trustee will be elected by the Chapter membership according to the rules for election of Chapter officers. In the event that all three positions are vacant, the President shall appoint a nominating committee. A Trustee can be removed according to the rules for removal of an officer.

Endowment. Section 3. Trustee Responsibilities. The responsibilities of the trustees will include the following:
     (a) Direct the promotion of the fund.
     (b) Authorization for the investment of the funds lies solely and completely with the Trustees. The Trustees shall establish and operate such
           financial accounts as they deem necessary.
     (c) Maintain an Operating Fund out of the investment income. The purpose of this fund is to provide operating expenses for the Trustees. The
           size of this fund will be determined and adjusted as necessary by the Trustees.
     (d) Disburse the fund investment income to CERM.
     (e) Conduct any other activities necessary to best manage the fund.

Endowment. Section 4. Investments. Investment of funds will be in conservative instruments to preserve the principal.

Endowment. Section 5. Investment Fund Criteria. Any funds donated to CERM for permanent investment will be part of the Endowment Fund whether or not specified. Restricted funds will be accepted by the Endowment Fund subject to approval of the Trustees.

Endowment. Section 6. Disbursements. Investment income will be made available by the Trustees annually to CERM for projects approved by the general membership. Funding of the Endowment Fund Operating Fund takes priority over disbursements to CERM.

Endowment. Section 7. Reporting. The Endowment Fund will have a fiscal year coinciding with the calendar year. There will be an annual accounting report by the Trustees to the Chapter detailing donor amounts, disbursements and income. This report will be produced no later than April 1.

Endowment. Section 8. Dissolvement. In the event CERM is dissolved, the Endowment Fund will be distributed to nonprofit organizations dedicated to the preservation of railroad history.

Volunteer Worksheets Online

You can now download the volunteer work sheets from here in PDF or Excel format. We all should keep track of our time as this will benefit the museum in the long run. If you can't make it to the museum to drop them off please send them to me in PDF (if you can fill them out and scan them), and I will see that Jeff gets them.
Website News

News that is fit to print
Do you have news that you think everyone else should know? Please send it to me and I'll post it here.

The Ghost Train Journal is seeking member's material
The editors of The Ghost Train Journal - the member's newsletter - are asking members to submit stories (including photos if necessary) of any type provided they are of a railroad theme. Contact James Key for more information on what and how to submit your stories!

Join the CERM Discussion Group!
We are starting a Yahoo group for CERM members where time-sensitive announcements will be made, and we all can discuss museum issues that would be outside the scope of the member and business meetings amongst members. Please email Tom Nanos ( ) your name & email address and he will add you to the group.

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