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July 2007 Updates

(a long time coming)

A photo from the completed No. 15 switch.  A lot of track work has been done since 2003.

A view from the first No. 8 switch off the No. 15. The Airline runs to the left and will pass by the station

A view from the second No.8 switch. The Airline passing siding is to the left and the ash pit/caboose track continue straight.

Mark Granville, and Art Hall planning the tie spacing and size for the turntable bridge.

The recently finished baggage cart. The wood will be given some time to dry prior to painting.

Work has begun on the restoration of the CV 4052 caboose.  This is a shot of the floor under where the stove is, the roof above doesn't look much better.

Here are Art and Mark measuring the bridge again to make sure we get the correct number of bridge ties.

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