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Editor- By Committee ~ Mark Granville, Asst. Editor     Volume 10, Number 6  October 2002
Hopefully Published Monthly by the CONNECTICUT EASTERN CHAPTER of the N.R.H.S., Inc

Election of Officers

We will be holding our annual election of officers at the October 20 meeting.  A nominating committee has been formed consisting of Art Hall (742-7454), Bill Robinson (456-4903), Walt Dumas (646-8776), and Jerry Griffin (228-9703).  If you would like to run for office, or nominate someone for office, please contact one of the above members.

Vermont Fall Excursion

The Transit Alliance has been informed by New England Central Railroad that the cost for using their rail and engineers will increase from $11,000 to $33,000.  This means that the popular Fall foliage excursion will not be run this year.  An attempt will be made to change this next year and the Chapter is also looking into the possibility of a foliage excursion into Massachusetts next year on the Providence & Worcester Railroad.

CERR Logo Contest

A contest is being held to design a logo for the Connecticut Eastern Railroad, the railroad that will be running trains on museum track.  This logo will be used on CERR equipment, i.e., pieces that do not have railroad history for restoration purposes.  Present examples are the 25-ton locomotive, the car mover, the pump car, and the gradall. Designs should be sketched in color on 8½x11 paper and need not be professional.  Keep in mind that the CERR colors are white and blue, but other colors may be used. Mail your entry to P.O. Box 665, Willimantic, CT  06226 no later than Tuesday, December 3.  The winner will be immortalized on a roundhouse floor paver.


Editor Anyone?

We are still looking for an editor for the Ghost Train Journal.  Until an editor is found, the journal may be published on an irregular schedule.

The job requires basic computer skills and e-mail capability.  The journal is currently put together using a template in Microsoft Word 2000.  The editor is mainly responsible for content.  The assistant editor will take care of style, spelling and grammar and our publisher will take care of copying, addressing, stamping and mailing.

Most of the content can be obtained from business and membership meetings and from working members.  The job shouldn’t take more than three to four hours each month in addition to attendance at business and membership meetings.  Anyone interested should call our president, Mark Granville, at 860-456-3956.

What’s Happening?

The Pfizer car mover, our pump car, and our velocipede #1 participated in the 2002 July 4th boom box parade in Willimantic.

The Little Rhody division of the NMRA held a picnic at the museum.

The Nutmeg division of the NMRA also held a picnic at our museum.

A family held their 4-year old son’s birthday party at the museum.

Our sales department sold soda and handed out museum literature during Willimantic’s 3rd Thursday event in July and August.

Wish List!

We need to plant grass on some slopes at the West end of the museum property to prevent erosion.  If anyone knows of a cheap (better yet, donated) source for grass seed and/or hay, please call Adrian Atkins at 423-5930.

P&W Zoo Train

We had a great time on the Zoo Train on September 21st.  We saw many animals and a lot of nice scenery.  P&W even got us back to Plainfield an hour early.  The Roger Williams Zoo has many animals and a nice focus on conservation, education, and animal preservation.

A raffle was held and museum members sold 2003 calendars and T-shirts.  A great big thank you to Veronica Trudeau, the P&W railroad, and the excursion committee for a job well done.

Calendar of Events


          5   -Bikes-through-History group from Textile Museum visits railroad museum

          6   -Business Meeting

          9   -Natchaug School field trip to museum

        20   -Membership Meeting, election of officers


         3   -Business Meeting

      17-Membership Meeting

   22   -Joint auction with Textile Museum


       8   - CT Eastern Train Show

Fall Train Show

Our fall train show will be held on December 8th at Windham High School from 10 AM to 3 PM.  There will be numerous vendors and several layouts.  This is traditionally one of our most important fund raisers.  If you know of a vendor who would be interested in coming or know of good places to post a show flyer, give Joe Sokol a call at (860)872-2240.

Roundhouse Windows

The Chapter recently received a $5000 grant for five roundhouse windows from the State of Connecticut through the efforts of Senator Don Williams.  A total of 21 windows, plus a door and two round gable windows are needed.  Individuals or groups who wish to help us complete the roundhouse can purchase a window for $1000.  A plaque acknowledging the donor(s) will be placed on the inside wall below the corresponding window.  So far, eleven windows have been reserved, leaving only ten to be purchased.  With windows going quickly, don’t miss the opportunity to not only support the museum but purchase a lasting piece of history.  To reserve your window, send a check for $1000, payable to “Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum”, to P.O. Box 665, Willimantic, CT  06226. A prototype window has already been installed.  Come to the museum to see it.  It has two undivided sashes.  The final version will have two sashes each divided into 9 panes.  We will be ordering the reserved windows soon.  Thanks to Dick Arnold, museum member and owner of Arnold Millwork in Manchester, for dealing with the window company and for subsidizing delivery.

What’s New at the Museum

Village Area:

The passenger deck and milk platform in front of the Chaplin Station has been constructed.

The Groton Freight House is being painted.


Track is being laid for the Groton Freight House siding.  This is 80# rail spiked to ties without tie plates.

Ballast base and ties have been laid at the East end up to gate 3 in preparation for extending our North “main line” to Bridge Street.

Site Work:

The Town of Windham filled and graded the gravel road.

Sewer upgrades in Willimantic have generated significant fill that is being used to bring the West end of the museum up to final grade.


Sewer lines have been buried for our future visitors center, back shops, car shops, and restoration building.  A sewer connection to the roundhouse is included.

Some underground electrical conduit has been installed for the future visitors center.

A telephone line has been installed.  The museum number is 860-456-9999.

Museum in the News

The Hartford Courant, Tuesday, July 16, page B3 

 - A very nice “Areawide” article and photo about the museum pump car by .

Mystic Valley Railway Society, Waybill Newsletter 

Photos of museum visitors riding the pump car and the 44-ton locomotive coupled to one of the New Haven passenger cars.


- 31 color photos showing our museum grounds and rolling stock.  Also, see the home page at

Welcome to the Chapter

We welcome the following new members who were voted into the chapter at the September membership meeting:

 Kelly Krupa & Emory Rounds, Manchester, CT

Joe & Yara Montminy, Glastonbury, CT

Treasurer’s Summary – August

Income for August totaled $3,893.12 and came primarily from individual contributions, P&W excursion ticket sales, and the sales department

Expenses amounted to $3,779.48 and consisted primarily of P&W excursion costs, move of our new flat car, repair of a bucket loader whose use has been generously donated to the museum, and hookup of sewer lines for future construction.

As of August 31, cash on hand totaled $24,466.61.


 CERR pump car #94

Manufactured and built by Ted Swol and Duke York in 1994

Currently used for rides at the museum

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