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Arthur W Schnabel, Editor ~ Mark Granville, Asst. Editor     Volume 10, Number 3  March 2002
 Published Monthly by the CONNECTICUT EASTERN CHAPTER of the N.R.H.S., Inc

Pfizer Donates SW-9 to Museum

The acquisitions committee reported that Pfizer donated a SW-9 switcher locomotive to the museum on February 6, 2002.  It will be moved by rail to the museum in mid-March at a cost to the museum of slightly less than $1,000.

Between February 1951 and December 1953, EMD built 815 SW-9s for use in the US and Canada. They were built with 567B, 12 cylinder, 1200 horsepower engines and B-B trucks.  The SW-9 has 6 louvers in the battery box behind the cab, two centered stacks and a full-length radiator grill.

Thanks to the committee for all of the work done in obtaining our new locomotive.

Operator Qualification

Want to learn how to operate the different equipment that the museum owns?  Paul Shamonis will be holding classes soon for anyone wanting to be certified to operate equipment.  Current operators should also attend to be requalified.  Give Paul a call if you are interested.

Volunteer Wanted

We need someone to take over and maintain the chapter membership records.  Basically, this involves keeping the membership listing up to date and adding new members as they are approved at the membership meeting, processing membership renewals, and printing mailing labels for the Ghost Train Journal.  The records are in Microsoft Access 2000 format.  For further information, contact Mark Granville.

Spring P & W Excursion

Everything is go for the May 4th P & W excursion.  Veronica is trying to arrange a short stop at Worcester Union Station if possible.

Another excursion has been scheduled for September 21st.  It is planned to go to Providence with a 2-hour layover at the Roger Williams Zoo.

44-Tonner  #0800

As a result of Rich Cizik’s posting on a railroad net forum, we now know a bit more about our 44-ton locomotive.

This 44-ton locomotive was built by General Electric (builders number #30854) in December 1950 for the Long Island Railroad for use in the Morris Park Shops as a shop switcher.  It was numbered #400 and was the only GE 44-tonner owned by the LIRR. Photos in “Diesels of the Sunrise Trail”, by John Scala, indicate that the basic color was gray.

The locomotive was sold in August 1963 to H C Lewis, a scrap dealer, who died before the locomotive could be resold.  His estate sold it to William R Whitehead, Consulting Engineer, of Whitehouse, NJ, who in 1965, sold it to the Black River & Western RR.  Stephen D Bogen purchased the 400, in 1969, for use on the Connecticut Valley RR in Essex, CT.  The Valley RR eventually purchased the unit outright. The locomotive arrived in its BR&W green and yellow paint.  In 1971, it was repainted a dark B&M like red with yellow “Connecticut Valley” lettering on the hood.  During the late 1970’s, the cab was painted black, and the hoods orange and the unit was renumbered #0800.

For a short time during 1973, the locomotive was loaned to Electric Boat’s Groton Works while their 44-tonner was having its engines overhauled. With the proceeds from this lease, the Valley overhauled its unit.

It appears that one New Haven Railroad 44-tonner is still in existence and in use at the Tilcon Quarry in Wallingford.


Museum Reopens on May 11th


What’s Happening?

Art Hall and Mark Granville met recently with the Rails-to-Trails Committee that is planning an extension of the Airline Trail through the museum area.

Mark Granville presented a show about the museum to the Lions Club on February 12th.

Treasurer’s Summary – January

Income for January totaled $4,284.95 and came primarily from a roundhouse window donation, paver sales, donations, membership dues and souvenir sales.

Expenses amounted to $3,561.08 and consisted primarily of track ballast and hardware expenses, maintenance expenses and insurance costs.

As of January 31, cash on hand totaled $18,083.38.

The Roundhouse loan balance was reduced to $1,500 with the payment of an additional $500.  The loan certificates outstanding currently total $39,500.


Dick Arnold has obtained some new buckets for the Gradall.





2002 Department Listing – as of 3/4/02


Archives & Library

Art Schnabel – Head (860)666-2386

Joe Cerreto (860)456-0343

Bob Hassett (860)742-1640

Jeff Laverty (860)429-7961




Maintenance of Way

Rich Cizik – Foreman (860)429-8294

Jeff Laverty (860)429-7961

Dirk Ras (203)481-3601

Tony Roman (413)245-3339



Bob Hassett – Head (860)742-1640

Dick Arnold (860)649-2268

Rich Cizik (860)429-8294

Jerry Griffin (860)228-9703

Steve Melady (860)228-2185

Paul Shamonis (860)649-6713

Bill Voorvaart (860)742-5247


Web Page

Bill Robinson - Webmaster (860) 456-4903

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Mar 10   - Museum Display at Coin Show

        17   - Museum Display at Little Rhody Show

        17   - Membership Meeting

Apr     7   - Business Meeting

        21   - CT Eastern Train Show

        28   - Membership Meeting

May    4   - Spring P & W Excursion

        11   - Museum Opens for Season

March Program

Our speaker for March 17th will be Bruce Clouette, a historian from Past, Inc in Storrs.  He will present a slide talk on the “Archeology of New Haven Roundhouses – What Can We Learn?”

Little Rhody Train Show

The museum has accepted an invitation to set up a display at the Little Rhody Train Show in West Warwick, RI on Sunday, March 17th.  The show is at the West Warwick Civic Center and runs from 9 AM to 4 PM.  Admission is $5.00

Spring Train Show

Our Spring Train Show will be held on Sunday, April 21st.  Help will be needed setting out the signs and publicizing the show.

April Membership Meeting

Our membership meeting for April will be held on the 4th Sunday (the 28th) since we will be busy with our train show on the 3rd Sunday.

Auditor’s Report

An audit of the Treasurer’s records for the last fiscal year was conducted by Bob LaMay and Howard Raphaelson.  The report on this examination indicated that the records were maintained in good condition.  One suggestion was made that we conduct an inventory of all of our buildings, equipment, library materials and artifacts.

In order to complete this, cooperation will be needed from all members holding museum property. Please contact our officers (or persons conducting the inventory) so that we can include all museum property and make appropriate provisions for storing this material.

What’s New at the Museum

S-4:  There has been a small electrical fire in the S-4.  The locomotive will be inoperable until some wiring is replaced.

Rail:  Members have been going to the Kendall Spur to start removing and stockpiling rail for use at the museum.  Several sections of rail have already been moved to the museum.

Equipment:  All of the equipment on the Hartford line, except for one boxcar, has been moved inside of the museum in preparation arrival of the SW-9 locomotive.

Track Extension:  An additional 20 loads of fill has been brought to the museum and spread in the area heading east from the current end of the track.  This will raise the ground level so that less ballast is needed to extend the track.

February Speaker

If you missed our February meeting, you missed an interesting talk.  Our speaker, Al Song, is a mechanical engineer with the CT-DOT Office of Rail Operations.  He explained how his office is responsible for making sure that there will be adequate equipment to provide rail service to Connecticut residents in future years.  This will be done by rehabilitating some current equipment as well as ordering additional new equipment.

Museum in the News

Railpace – Mar 2002:

Photo of roundhouse & turntable.

Photo of M-6 mockup being loaded on trailer in New Haven for delivery to museum.

Railfan & Railroad – April 2002:

Photo of M-6 being loaded on trailer.

Welcome to the Chapter!

We welcome the following new member who was voted into the chapter at the February 17th meeting.

Jack Yerkes, Tariffville, CT

Corrections to Committee Listing

Telephone number corrections to the committee listing in the February Bulletin are:

Joe Sokol                    (860)872-2240

Jack Kreeger              (860)643-4082

Departments Anyone?

A listing of department members appears below.  If your name does not appear and you want to be listed as a department resource, call Mark Granville at (860)456-3956.




Arthur Schnabel – Editor (860)666-2386

Janet Atkins (860)423-5930

Mark Granville (860)456-3012

Bill Lavallee (860)228-0796


Property Management & Security

Jerry Griffin – Head (860)228-9703

Joe Cerreto (860)456-0343

Bob Pingree (860)666-1154


Restoration & Buildings

Duke York – Head (860)423-1878

Bill Bouchelle (860)763-0152

Rich Cizik (860)429-8294

Bob Hassett (860)742-1640

Bill Jeske (860)742-9425

Bill Nickerson (860)749-1853



Jeff Laverty – Head (860)429-7961

Ray Axelrod (860)228-3197

Joe Cerreto (860)456-0343

Bill Mihancki (860)429-9821

Art Schnabel (860)666-2386


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