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Arthur W Schnabel, Editor ~ Mark Granville, Asst. Editor     Volume 10, Number 2  February 2002
 Published Monthly by the CONNECTICUT EASTERN CHAPTER of the N.R.H.S., Inc

Roundhouse Windows

We need 21 windows, not including the round windows on top and rear door, to complete the roundhouse.  The major problem to date has been finding funding to do this.  Each window will cost about $1300.  It has been decided to accept donations of $1000 per window for which the donor will have an engraved plaque affixed to the window.  The window manufacturer has agreed to accept orders for 5 or 6 windows at a time, so that we will not have to order all of them at once.

If you would like to participate, contact any of our officers for further information.  We already have an order for our first window.  Perhaps you are part of a group of individuals who can combine their funds to purchase a window.

Museum Artifacts

In past years, the museum has been given many artifacts, historical information, etc.  Since we did not have any place to store these things, many members volunteered to store them at their homes temporarily.  We would now like to consolidate these items at the museum where they can be used for displays or other historical purposes.

If you have any museum property, please contact one of the officers so that we can make arrangements to bring these items to the museum.




CT-DOT MU Training Module #7000 Donated to Museum

This unit was built by Morrison-Knudson as a training module for Connecticut DOT’s M-6 cars.  While it contained full operator controls, it was not a full size car and did not contain any running gear.  It was later converted into a security building at the Bronson Street entrance to the New Haven yard.  When it was no longer needed, it was donated to the museum.

Dick Arnold and Ken Sigfriedson examined the car to determine the equipment needed to move it to the museum.  Ken made arrangements with several contractors to lift it on a truck and move it to Willimantic.  It arrived on January 17th.  Thanks to the donated services of these contractors, it has been received with a minimum cost to the museum.  Thanks Ken and Dick for all of your work.

Suggestions have been made to use it as offices, a gift shop, or possibly a small visitor’s center.

Train Photos

Are you interested in photos of Connecticut railroad stations, yards, buildings, etc?  Take a look at  This website contains photos and information on many Connecticut subjects, including over 900 railroad photos.  The Chaplin Station, with Elmer Jewett and the 1892 roundhouse are two of the photos located on this website.

Museum in the News

Willimantic Chronicle – January 18, 2002: Photos of MU Car arriving at museum.

Railpace – Feb 2002: Photo of Vermont Railway/ New England

What’s New at the Museum

Track work: Additional track work has been done near the old crossing behind the roundhouse.

44-Ton locomotive: Bob Hassett has had the damaged batteries repaired and has cleaned the battery box.  The engine is operable again.

Photos Anyone?

Peter Lynch, CT-DOT, is writing a book on the history of the Norwich Branch of the New Haven Railroad.  He is looking for photographs and slides, particularly any that show the RDC cars.  Call him at 203-789-6955

Committees Anyone?

A listing of committee members appears below.  If your name does not appear or you want to become a member of one of the committees, call Mark Granville at 860-456-3956.

A listing of Museum Departments will appear next month.

2002 Committee Listing – as of 2/8/2002


Bill Nickerson – Co-Chair (860)749-1853

Bill Robinson – Co-Chair (860)456-4903

Dick Arnold (860)649-2268

Joe Cerreto (860)456-0343

Art Hall (860)742-7454

Bob Hassett (860)742-1640

Bill Jeske (860)742-9425

Bob LaMay (860)456-9999

Bill Mihancki (860)429-9821

Howard Raphaelson (860)429-1340

Harold Ramsey (203)458-7692



Bob LaMay (860)456-9999

Howard Raphaelson (860)429-1340


Fund Raising and Grantwriting

Ray Axelrod  (860)228-3197

Art Hall (860)742-7454

Bob Hassett (860)742-1640

Jeff Laverty (860)429-7961

Cliff Lund (860)423-7733

Bill Robinson (860)456-4903


Membership Services

Joe Cerreto – Chair   (860)456-0343

Jack Kreeger (860)643-4087

Bill Mihancki (860)429-9821

Bill Robinson (860)456-4903


Museum Operations and Activities

Howard Raphaelson – Chair (860)429-1340

Jeff Laverty (860)429-7961

Harold Ramsey (203)458-7692

Arthur Schnabel (860)666-2386


Calendar of Upcoming Events

Feb  10   - Business Meeting

         17   - Membership Meeting

                     Speaker – Al Song

Mar    3   - Business Meeting

        10   - Museum display at Coin Show

        17   - Membership Meeting

Apr    7   - Business Meeting

        21   - CT Eastern Train Show

May   4   - Spring P & W Excursion

February Program

Our speaker for February will be Albert C. Song, a professional engineer in the mechanical department of the Connecticut DOT Office of Rail Operations.  His presentation will be on yard and mainline operations, principally around the New Haven area.

Exhibit at Coin Show

The Museum will be setting up a display at a coin show at the old Kramer School in Willimantic on Sunday, March 10th.  The show runs from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Spring Train Show

Our Spring Train Show will be held at Windham High School on Sunday, April 21st.

Spring P & W Excursion

The spring excursion on the P & W will be held on Saturday, May 4th.  The trip will go from Plainfield to Gardner, MA to Groton, CT & return.  See the enclosed flyer for details.

Welcome to the Chapter!

We welcome the following new members who were voted into the chapter at the January 20th meeting:

Frederick & Kathleen Donner, Brooklyn, CT

Chad Bailey, Bolton, CT

Ronald & Morgan (son) Baker, Storrs, CT

Glenn Mathieson, Ashford, CT

Treasurer’s Summary – December

Income for December totaled $6,220.32 and came primarily from paver sales, train show admissions, souvenir sales, and food concessions at the train show.

Expenses amounted to $4,396.89 and consisted primarily of train show expenses, banquet costs, ballast purchases, and supplies for the Chaplin Station and Groton Freight House platforms.

As of December 31, cash on hand totaled $17,859.51.

The Roundhouse loan balance was reduced to $2,000 with the payment of an additional $500.  After this balance is paid off, we can begin to pay off the loan certificates, which currently total $39,500.

Annual Report of Income and Expenses

Income for the year 2001 totaled $84,229.74 and expenses were $76,463.03, leaving us with a cash balance of $17,859.51 as of December 31, 2001.  Major categories of income and expenses were as follows:

Category Income Expenses
Grants & Donations19,035.92
Sales Department10,188.114,447.59
Roundhouse Pavers9,450.003,240.50
Train Shows9,167.305,558.41
Sale of surplus materials7,180.40
Track work and Utilities12,827.18
Tools and equipment11,404.46

View of the Chaplin Station and 44-ton locomotive as seen from the track in front of the Willimantic Section House.  Note the completed village crossing in front of the locomotive.


Museum Planning

Art Hall – Chair (860)742-7454

Ray Axelrod (860)228-3197

Richard Cizik (860)488-4951

Bob Hassett  (860)742-1640

Jack Kreeger (860)643-4087

Jeff Laverty (860)429-7961

Bill Mihancki (860)429-9821

Harold Ramsey (203)458-7692

Bill Robinson (860)456-4903


Public Relations

Bob LaMay – Chair (860)456-9999

Howard Raphaelson (860)429-1340

Arthur Schnabel (860)666-2386


Rail Operations

Paul Shamonis – Chair (860)649-6713

Joe Cerreto (860)456-0343

Richard Cizik (860)488-4951

Jerry Griffin (860)228-9703

Bob Hassett (860)742-1640

Jack Kreeger (860)643-4087

Bill Mihancki (860)429-9821

Bill Robinson (860)456-4903

Duke York (860)423-1878


Train Show

Joseph Sokol – Chair (860)456-4903

Jeff Laverty (860)429-7961

Bill Mihancki (860)429-9821



Veronica Trudeau – Chair (401)568-6202

Ray Axelrod (860)228-3197

Bill Mihancki (860)429-9821

Harold Ramsey (203)458-7692

Joseph Sokol (860)456-4903

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