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Arthur W Schnabel, Editor ~ Mark Granville, Asst. Editor     Volume 9, Number 10  October 2001
 Published Monthly by the CONNECTICUT EASTERN CHAPTER of the N.R.H.S., Inc

Election of Officers

We will be holding our annual election of officers at the October 21 meeting.  A nominating committee has been formed consisting of Art Hall (742-7454), Bill Robinson (456-4903), Walt Dumas (646-8776), and Jack Krieger (643-4082).  If you would like to run for office, or nominate someone for office, please contact one of the above members.

P & W Excursion

Our fall excursion was sold out.  We should do very well financially.  Thanks go to Veronica Trudeau for all of her efforts in organizing this trip.

Army Track Laying Day

We have been informed that the Army plans to be at the museum for a special track laying day on October 20th.  They plan to extend the current track from the Section House past the Chaplin Station, probably around 100 feet.  A video crew will be at the museum filming the Army at work. This will be shown on national TV at a later date and should result in some good publicity for the Army, as well as the museum.

Fall Train Show

Our fall train show will be held on December 2nd at Windham High School from 10 AM to 3 PM.  There will be numerous vendors and several layouts.  We have been informed that there is no smoking in the school building or on the school grounds.

In the News

Railpace – Sept 2001:

Picture of roundhouse with doors.

The Waybill – Mystic Valley Rwy Soc - Sept 2001:

Picture of Operator’s Shanty & Roundhouse.

BJ’s Journal – BJ’s Wholesale Club – Fall 2001:

Listing of rail museums and rides, including CT Eastern Railroad Museum.

What’s New at the Museum


The primer coat of paint on the roundhouse doors is nearly done.

Thirty-five more inscribed paver blocks have been received and are ready to be installed.


Additional fill has been added near the west end and the tail track ballasting is complete. A trial run of moving the 44-ton locomotive and the S-4 locomotive to our mainline track was successful with no problems.

Thanks to the Army, 132-pound tie plates have been removed from a pile of ties and the ties have been neatly stacked for future use.

Village Area:

Additional fill has been placed and leveled in the village roadway area in preparation for adding another crossing when the track is extended on October 20.  Siding on the east end of the Freight House is being restored.

Our Members

A review of our September 17, 2001 membership roster reveals the following facts:

We currently have 275 members, including 194 primary members and 81 family members.

Our members come from 12 different states, as follows:

Connecticut 243

Rhode Island 12

Massachusetts    9

Maryland  2

Colorado    2

Florida, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, & Vermont 1 each

While some members live too far away to help at the museum on a regular basis, we hope that they can stop by periodically to see what is happening.\

Whyte Steam Locomotive Classification System


Class      Arrangement                 Name

0-4-0                 00                 Four-Wheel Switcher

0-6-0                 000               Six-Wheel Switcher

0-8-0                 0000             Eight-Wheel Switcher

0-10-2               00000o        Union

2-4-2                 o00o             Columbia

2-6-0                 o000             Mogul

2-6-2                 o000o          Prairie

2-8-0                 o0000         Consolidation

2-8-2                 o0000o       Mikado

2-8-4                 o0000oo     Berkshire

2-10-0               o00000       Decapod

2-10-2               o00000o    Santa Fe

2-10-4               o00000oo  Texas

4-4-0                 oo00           American

4-4-2                 oo00o         Atlantic

4-4-4                 oo00oo       Baltimore

4-6-0                 oo000         Ten-Wheeler

4-6-2                 oo000o       Pacific

4-6-4                 oo000oo     Hudson (Baltic)

4-8-0                 oo0000       Twelve-Wheeler

4-8-2                 oo0000o     Mountain

4-8-4                 oo0000oo  Northern

4-10-0               oo00000    Mastodon

4-10-2               oo00000o  Southern Pacific

4-12-2               oo000000o Union Pacific

2-6-6-6              o000-000ooo Allegheny

2-8-8-4              o0000-0000oo  Yellowstone

4-6-6-4              oo000-000oo    Challenger

4-8-8-4              oo0000-0000oo  Big Boy

175th Anniversary of B&O Railroad

The B&O Railroad Museum is planning a celebration for the 175th anniversary of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad during 2002 and 2003.  The 16 month event is expected to attract 1.5 million visitors and will include many exhibitions and educational programs.

The highlight of the celebration will be a recreation of the 1927 Fair of the Iron Horse featuring “first, best and only” locomotives from various railroads, museums, and private collections.  The Fair will take place from June 27 to July 6, 2003.




Calendar of Upcoming Events

Oct    6   - All Member Work Day

          7   - Business Meeting

        20   - Army Track Laying Day

   20-21   - Vermont Excursion

        21   - Membership Meeting - Elections

Nov    4   - Business Meeting

        18   - Membership Meeting

Dec   2   - CT Eastern Train Show

2002 Calendars

Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum calendars for next year are now available.  The price is only $4.00.  If you know of any possible distribution locations, take some calendars to them.  Contact Jeff Laverty (429-7961) or Ray Axelrod (228-3197) for additional information or to obtain some of the calendars for distribution.

All Member Work Day

We will hold another all member workday on Saturday, October 6th.  There are many projects to be worked on, so come on down.

What’s Happening?

If you weren’t at the museum on September 15th, you missed a great show.  The New England Central train coming south backed into the Devivo siding.  Its 3 locomotives cut-off the train and headed south.  They coupled up to a train headed north and the 2 locomotives that brought that train north uncoupled and continued back south with the other train.  No one present ever remembered that happening before.

At 11:50AM on September 24th, Jerry Griffin was at the museum working on the 25-ton locomotive when he saw a strange sight.  An Amtrak passenger train came through Willimantic heading westbound.  It consisted of Amtrak locomotive #265, Amtrak passenger car #20139 and a high dome car with a State of Connecticut seal #10001.  Does anyone know the purpose of the trip?

Cost of Track

A recent question in “Ask Trains” asked the cost of laying track.  A rail consultant estimated the cost of main line track at $1,000,000 per mile.  This includes: rail, plates and fasteners - $230,000; ties - $160,000; ballast and sub-ballast - $75,000.  Grading is additional, running $300,000 in easier areas and much higher when bridges, culverts, and grade crossings are involved.

The Comet

The Town of Putnam received a visit in 1935 from the new New Haven Railroad streamlined train, “The Comet.”  The train came via Willimantic and later headed towards Woonsocket, RI.  It made the 157 mile New Haven to Boston trip in 143 minutes.  Over 90,000 people saw The Comet during the exhibition tour that took the train over all the New Haven system.

The Comet was the first streamlined train to be powered with diesel engines at both ends.  It was a 3-car train, 207 feet in length, and could seat 160 passengers.  It featured indirect lighting and air-conditioning and was far ahead of its time.

Notable Quote

The late Patrick B McGinnis, President of the New Haven RR from 1954-1956, said the following when he first began charging commuters for parking at his Fairfield County stations.  “There is going to be parking at every station, and if it costs me money, it will cost you money, because I’m a businessman, not the Ford Foundation.”

Treasurer’s Summary – August

Income for August totaled $7,922.54 and came primarily from P&W Excursion ticket sales, sale of old surplus fence and landscape ties, admission fees, roundhouse pavers, and souvenir sales. Expenses amounted to $2,351.14 and consisted primarily of a deposit for the P&W trip, interest on the roundhouse loan, and restoration costs.

As of August 31, cash on hand totaled $21,026.01.

During August, we made 2 additional principal payments of $500 each on our roundhouse loan, bringing our bank loan balance down to $15,500.  While this is encouraging, we still owe $35,000 to members for the loan certificates, so we still need to raise a significant amount of money to pay off both loans.

We are paying about $100 a month for bank interest.  Because of the generosity of our members in purchasing loan certificates, we are saving approximately $250 each month in interest costs.

Welcome to the Chapter!

We welcome the following new members who were voted into the chapter at the September 16th meeting:

Adrian & Janet Atkins, Storrs, CT

Peter & Sandra Kauffman, Amston, CT

Thomas Labozzetta, Manchester, CT

Ronald Lavoie, Satsuma, FL

Alfred Leonardi, Columbia, CT

Ian Lynch, Shoreham, VT

Bernard Mayo, Putnam, CT

David Morse & Joan Jaffe Hall, Storrs, CT

Chris Powell, Manchester, CT

George Sweeney, Coventry, CT

Milo Tsukroff, Pleasant Valley, NY

David & Sylvia Wheeler, Colchester, CT

Randolph & Mary Wibberley, Colchester, CT

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