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Arthur W Schnabel, Editor ~ Mark Granville, Asst. Editor     Volume 8, Number 2  February 2000
 Published Monthly by the CONNECTICUT EASTERN CHAPTER of the N.R.H.S., Inc

Notes From the Editor

After 8 years as editor of the Ghost Train Journal, Jeff Ricard has retired.  Thanks to Jeff, the GTJ has always been interesting and informative and I always looked forward to receiving it each month. 

Effective with the February issue, Arthur Schnabel will take over as editor, assisted by Mark Granville, who will be Assistant Editor.  While there will be some changes, Mark and I hope to keep up the journalistic standards that Jeff followed. 

Since I live outside of the Willimantic area, I do not get to the museum as often as I would like and do not get to hear about local activities.  I will therefore need your help to keep me informed about museum activities and local events in which we will be participating.  Also, I would like to know which features you like and those that you do not think are important. 

If you have any news or comments, send them to: Arthur W Schnabel, 216 Church St., Newington, CT 06111-4806.  My telephone Number is 860-666-2386 and my e-mail address is 

You can also send any information or comments to Mark Granville who will forward them to me. 

Thanks for your help.      Art 

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Feb.  13  -  Business Meeting 
Feb.  20  -  Monthly Meeting 
Mar.    5  -  Business Meeting 
Mar.  19  -  Monthly Meeting 
April 16  -  CT Eastern Train Show 
Jul. 11-16  -  NRHS Convention In Stamford 

February Business Meeting

Please note that the February business meeting has been moved to the 2nd Sunday because of the Amherst Railway Show. 

Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Loses Its Lease

No, we are not being evicted from the museum property.  However, we have misplaced the original copy of the town lease for the museum grounds.  If you have a copy of the lease or any original documents relating to the property of the museum, please contact one of the officers of the museum, so that we can place them in our safe deposit box for safekeeping. 

New Haven Rails 2000

Plans are being made for the upcoming NRHS Convention in Stamford, CT from July 11 to 16, 2000.  Trips are being planned to most of the Connecticut rail museums as well as rare mileage trips on lines not normally used for passenger service.  The highlight trip will be to the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum. For further details, visit the web at

Wanted – Help at Museum Site
By Howard Raphaelson 

Some of you may think that there is only work for Diesel mechanics and construction craftsmen. While there is certainly work of that sort going on, the majority of the activity is the type of thing that any of us can do. Even the construction work generally involves one or two people who are experienced, and a number who need only be willing to help. 

Right now, we need to prepare for future visits by the Army track laying crew. Since we use a great deal of used material, bolts, tie plates and fish plates need to be sorted and ready. Used ties have spike holes that need to be plugged with wooden pegs. When the Army is working, these materials need to be placed in position or handed out as they are needed. This support work represents more hours than the actual rail installation. 

The footings are in for the Chaplin station. We now need to level the ground for the trailer that will carry the station into position over the footings. When we prepare for the actual move, all the material in the station will need to be removed and stored.  The building will need to be jacked up, and this will require a large number of temporary wooden supports, each of which will have to be handed to those experienced at building moving. The reverse will take place at the new location. 

Come down on Saturday morning at 9 AM. There will be interesting things to see and worthwhile things to do. 


Boston Trolley Meet

 The Boston Trolley Meet, sponsored by the Boston Chapter NRHS, will be held from April 7 to 9 at the Holiday Inn in Newton, MA.  The Meet features exhibits, dealers, layouts, clinics, slide shows and tours.  Information can be obtained by calling 978-663-6239 from 7 PM to 9 PM only. 

Donation of Car Seats

Member Steve Loomis has donated 12 sets of seats which can be used in restoring our new Budd Car.  Thanks again Steve. 

Museum Tour By State Officials

On Monday, January 10th, State Senators Don Williams and Kevin Sullivan toured the museum grounds with the museum officers.  In spite of the rain, several members were working on site and the Senators were quite impressed. 

Treasurer’s Summary Report - January
By Jeff Laverty 

Income for the month of January totaled $2,219.97, consisting primarily of membership dues, contributions, sales and train show tables.  Expenses in the amount of $1,711.021 were primarily for restoration, national dues, acquisition costs and CERM leases.  As of January 31, cash on hand totaled $10,280.44. 

Welcome to the Chapter!

We welcome the following new members who were voted into the chapter at the January 16th meeting: 

Veronica & Reggie Trudeau, Chepachet, RI 
Scott & Marilyn Allen, Uxbridge, MA 
Dale Lehoux, Willimantic, CT 
Harold Ramsey & Judith Andrews, Guilford, CT 

Dues For 2000 Are Now Due!

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