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Jeff, Editor  Volume 7, Number 8, August 1999 
On the Editors Desk .....
Happy Summer!  Hope everyone is enjoying his or her summer so far.  Keeping cool seems to be on everyone's minds.  Such is the case for those members that have been working at the site on Saturday mornings.  It seems that for the past several weeks, Saturday has been the hottest day of the week.

Members continue to work on digging out the turntable pits.  Currently work is progressing on the last of the six pits.  While digging we came
across the roundhouse door keystones, complete with the iron stall numbers.  So far we have uncovered 4.  Three are in excellent shape.  It would be great if we could find all six.  These discoveries make working in 90 degree weather bearable.  We have also come across some of the bases to the old iron columns and other miscellaneous iron parts.  Their not in great shape, but they tell the story of what was originally in the building.

We have mailed out and received the bids for reconstruction of roundhouse.  We were a little disappointed with the bids we received.  The cost of reconstruction was significantly greater than we had predicted.   Art Hall is currently working with an engineer and with contractors to see if we can make some changes to bring the costs down into our budget.  I will update you next month as soon as we make some progress on this project.

In the July newsletter I mentioned that we had staked out the location for the Chaplin Station and the Groton Freight House.  Digging of the foundation holes was finally started however, their was a mechanical problem with the machinery and the holes are not quite finished.  Hopefully we will have the holes dug and inspected by the town in the next couple of weeks.

Also in the July newsletter we added a few pictures.  I received a lot of positive feedback from members.

They would like to see several more.  So again I ask for your help.  If you have any current pictures of museum activities, equipment or pictures you would like to share with members please get them to me.

We received a letter from Mr. J.W. Swanberg of Branford who was hiking along the abandoned rail trails into Willimantic and he came across our CV Alco S-4.  Many thanks to Mr. Swanberg who graciously sent us a photo which was taken at New London on February 20th, 1982. 

With all of the above going on, we still have other business that we need to take care of:  Several members will be needed to staff our table at the Connecticut Festival of Ballooning on August 20, 21 and 22.  Our museum will have a table at the festival to showcase who we are and what we do.  This will be a major public relations event for us as well as promoting the up coming train show.  The Windham Textile Museum and our Museum would like to share manpower to staff the tables.  Please consider donating some of your time.  If you can help out between the hours of 5pm - 11pm on Aug 20, 9:30am to 11pm on Aug. 21 and 9:30 to 6pm on Aug. 22 please call Jeff Laverty to schedule your time (429-7961).  These are some long days to cover, so if you can do an hour here or there it would be appreciated.  You'll also be able to enjoy some great ballooning, entertainment and food at the same time.

Along with this coverage the museum will be open to the public at the same time.  Again we will need staff!  Please Help!!

Again just to remind you that a crew is working at the site on Mondays between 9:00am and noon.  For those members that are unable to make our weekend work days this is a alternative.  Contact Burt Turcotte at 429-7045 or Dick Sobielo at 228-3976 for information.

:)  A Reminder that there will not be a General Membership meeting in August.

Did you know .....
The first person killed by a train was run over during the opening ceremonies of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in England on September 15th 1830.

Train Wins Great Commuter Race -Again..
Source and author unknown
Taking the train was much faster than taking the car on the morning of Wednesday, May 12th - 43 minutes faster, in fact, for commuters traveling across Southwestern Connecticut.

In the third annual New Haven-to Greenwich Great Commuter Race, a unique challenge to draw attention to the benefits of commuting by train, two teams of commuters "raced" from New Haven to Greenwich = on an MTA Metro-North New Haven line train, the other by car.  Both left the New Haven Railroad station at 7:27 am.  The train, which made scheduled stop in Milford, Stratford, Bridgeport, Fairfield and Stamford, arrived at the Greenwich railroad station right on schedule at 8:27 am.  The car arrived at the station 43 minutes later, at 9:10 am on what was a normal traffic morning, according to traffic reporters.  In our traffic-congested region, commuting by train can save money, stress and lots of valuable time.


... You sit through a really bad movie because there is a train in it.
SUNDAY, September 12th, 1999 
10 AM - 3 PM
Members are requested to help in setting up tables on September 10 at 5:30pm and to arrive before 7:00am on September 12 to help vendors
unload.  Members will be needed to work during the show to staff the kitchen, show table, and doors.  The museum will also be open during the
show and members will be needed to staff the museum.  We will need any assistance that you can provide.

The next Scheduled meeting of the Connecticut Eastern Chapter, National Railway Historical Society will be at the Willimantic Fire/Police complex on Sunday September 19th at 7:00 pm.

Please note: The monthly business meeting will be held at the same location on the first Sunday of the month. All members are welcome to attend.

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