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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 7, Number 1, January 1999 

Patriots may give Kick-Off to Train Service

This is an abbreviated version of a story that appeared in a recent copy of the Middletown Press via member Dick Sobielo.  Thanks for passing this along.

The proposed New England Patriots stadium in Hartford could lead to railroad expansion in Connecticut a railroad official told the Middlesex
County Chamber of Commerce's newly formed Rail Council recently.

According to Harry Harris, rail administrator and bureau chief for the state Department of Transportation, a Sunday railroad excursion train
could be created to travel from Middletown to football games in Hartford within the next two years.  Adequate parking at the stadium is expected to be a real problem and train service could help ease the burden, Harris said.  However, he added, the train could not travel faster than 25 mile per hour because the line will be rehabilitated to slower less costly "freight standards".  Harris did not view this as a problem
however, provided there was the "right party environment" on the train to keep the fans happy.

The Providence and Worcester Railroad Company has already begun restoration of the Hartford to Middletown line and hopes to have the job complete by the fall of 1999.

Student Arrested for using Spike as Weapon.

Charles Williams
Yadkin Valley Chapter, NRHS

According to the October 23 edition of the Wilkes Journal Patriot, a 15 year old West Wilkes High School Student has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and possession of a
weapon on school grounds after attacking a schoolmate on campus recently.  The weapon, believe it or not, was a railroad spike.  The
spike had been sharpened because a piece had chipped off earlier.

The victim was treated for seven stab wounds on the back of the head, including one which required seven stitches.

Membership Statistical Information
As of November 1998

Total Number of Chapters = 174
1998 Regular Members = 15,962
1998 Family Members = 3,361
Total 1998 paid memberships = 19,323
As of December 1998
Total Connecticut Eastern = 227

Membership Renewals
If you have not done so already please make sure that you return your membership renewal form with a check to Howard Bidwell in the envelope
provided.  Members must return their renewal or risk losing their membership.  I am sure you wouldn't want to miss a single issue of The Ghost Train Journal!

What are you holding for the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum?

Attention:  All members of the Connecticut Eastern Chapter need to take a quick inventory of items in their possession that they are holding for the museum.  We requested members to do this back in September, but we know some of you are holding items not yet listed on our inventory.  Anything you have been graciously holding:  lamps, builders plates, photos, for the chapter and need to updated in our inventory.  Please send to our mailing address on the last page of The Ghost Train Journal, bring the list to the site on Saturday morning, send via email to, or bring to the monthly meeting.  It is extremely important that you take the few moments necessary to do this inventory and get it back to us! 

Journey's End... 
A salute to those Connecticut Eastern members who have recently passed on.  We join their family and friends in remembering
their lives.

Barbara Brown and Louis Calamari

Did you know .....

Every $10 million spent in transit "capital investment" supports 770 jobs. . 
(Association of American Railroads.)

Every $10 million spent in transit "operating investment" support 900
jobs.  (Association of American Railroads.)

Transit conserves valuable urban land.  Moving 10,000 riders a day uses land in these amounts:
        Heavy Rail - 1/2 acre
        Bus -   1 1/2 acres
        Auto - 9 1/2 acres

The third Chicago area airport uses almost 10,000 acres of land.  (USA Today)

"Dependable public transportation is basic to a stable economy.  If people can't get to work - on time- business suffers.  Our administration makes concessions on behalf of business in the matter of air pollution, but completely overlooks the urgent necessity of public transportation to move people." - Alliance for Public Transportation.

Our rail lines are vanishing because they are, for the most part, private.  Our airports and highways are not vanishing because they are public. - Samuel Stokes, Alstead, New Hampshire.

On the Editors Desk .....

The fencing project has finally begun!  After waiting for several years with many setbacks we are finally seeing the fencing working being
done.  As of this writing several hundred poles have been put up at the West end of the site.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will
see this project come to an end.  Sources noted that the job could be completed by the end of January if all goes well.

Recently we have had some inclement weather and questions were asked if the business and general membership meetings would still be held. 
Listen to the radio and if you hear many evening activities being canceled then we are probably not going to have a meeting.  If you have any questions, give one of the officers listed on the back page of the journal a call.  Remember we would rather have you stay at home then risk driving in bad weather.

Committee Chairmen:  It's budget time again.  Please make sure you submit a proposed budget for operating expenses and capitol items (over
$1000) that your committee may be considering in 1999.  We will try to budget our funds accordingly.  Your budget is due at the January general membership meeting.

Speaking of committees, we will be passing around the committee sign-up sheet at the January meeting.  Please think about areas that you may be interested in helping out at.

Some committees that you may consider:
Membership, acquisitions, newsletter, grant writing, public relations, good and welfare, restoration and buildings.

The chapter will be setting up an exhibit at the Textile Museum.  Members are encouraged to participate in the set up of this exhibit.  Plans are to work on set up the weekend of January 16th.  Meet at the section house at our museum if you can help out.  If you have any railroad related items that you would be willing to loan the museum, please contact an officer of the chapter.  The exhibit will run for a couple of months.

Just a reminder that our annual train show will be held Sunday February 28th at Windham High School.  More information will follow in
the February newsletter.  All members will be needed to help setup tables and chairs on the evening of February 26th, and again after the show.  In addition we will need members that are available to setup the show signs earlier in the month.  Show fliers are also available.  If you know of a location that you can drop off fliers please do so.  We need as much promotion as possible and this needs to be done right away.

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