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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 6, Number 10, October 1998 

On the Editors Desk .....

It has been a while since I was able to share some of my thoughts with you and update those of you who don't attend the monthly meetings.  So much is happening right now.  With all the work that is taking place at the museum site and behind the scenes, I am not quite sure where to start, but here goes!

Many of you may not be aware that member David Baker was one of the four men that stopped to assist three injured state troopers in a shootout
that occurred in Willington on September 3, 1998.  Putting his own life in danger David was quoted as saying he never gave it a second thought!  David, from all members of the chapter, we thank you.

The 1998 banquet is fast approaching.  This years banquet will again be held in the Presidents dining room at Eastern Connecticut University, Hurley Hall.  Saturday November 14th starting at 6:00pm with a cash bar, veggie and cheese and cracker tray.  Dinner will be at 7:00pm  Remember space is limited and reservations are on a first come first serve basis.  If you have not attended a banquet in the past, you don't know what your missing.  All
members that have attended agree that it is a very relaxed and pleasant evening, with some rather humorous entertainment.  Hope to see you there!

As you know we had received $40,000.00 from the Town of Windham a while back.  Well we are ready to spend it.  The Town recently placed an ad in the local papers requesting bids to erect part of the fencing needed at the rear of the museum site.  Art Hall has been working to request bids
for the additional fencing that will be needed to get the main museum location fenced in.  The first part of the fencing should be installed before year's end!  I will keep you updated as this progresses along.

On a related topic, the old 6-foot fence that was on one side of the site is being removed to make way for the new 8-foot fencing. 

This shorter fence will be used in less critical areas once the main fence is complete. Along with this, members have been trimming brush and removing trees that will be in the way of the new installation.  Thanks
to all members that have been participating in this monstrous task.

The lay of the land at the rear of the site is a little higher than it was just a few weeks ago.  Several truck loads of fill (and I mean several) have been dumped on the wye to raise the grade to the proper height.  Member Maurice Bisson has been working diligently with his bulldozer to spread the fill and grade the area. More fill is needed, but we have a great start on a very important part of the museum's development.

The Groton Freight House is now water tight, on the roof anyway.  Thanks to Duke York and his team of misfit "Carpenters" (just kidding), the new
roof has been installed.  We can't proceed any further on restoration of this building until the building is located at its new home at the rear
of the site.  Hopefully if the fencing progresses on schedule this may become a reality this year. 

Our track foreman has been working our track crew like dogs!  More ballast has been ordered and delivered to the site (thanks to member Ken Mahler), new ties have been set in place and they have gotten use out of the pneumatic spiker.  Way to go guys.  We have our own Gandy Dancers, and what a jig they have been doing.

{Coming up soon is our} Autumn Rail Excursion.  Our chapter is sponsoring part of this trip and will receive some of the proceeds.  It's our job to promote this trip so, ask your family and friends to hop aboard.  Get your order form in today!

I think I have covered just about everything for this month.  Next month I will report on the banquet and progress of the fence and what's next in the progress of the museum.

Calendars for Sale...
Get your 1999 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Calendars!  Calendars are again selling for $4.00 each or we will mail them postage paid for $5.00.  Get yours at the museum on Saturday
mornings or make arrangements with any of the officers listed on the rear of The Ghost Train Journal.
All member work day scheduled for October 17, 1998 to cut trees and brush to make way for the new fencing.  This is a project that we have a limited amount of time to complete.  Bring brush cutting tools and chain saws.  We need your help!
As a reminder, we still have a crew working on Tuesdays as the museum site. Please feel free to stop down and lend a hand. For that matter stop down on Saturday and see what's going on!
Almost Time to Vote .......
Elections of officers for 1999 will be held at this months general membership meeting on October 18th. Any member interested in running for
office should contact the nominating committee (Art Hall, Burt Turcotte and Duke York) and should be present at the October general membership meeting for the vote.  Currently the nominating committee is looking for a treasurer.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor the night of the election.

Happy Halloween!

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