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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 6, Number 8, August 1998 

The 1998 National Convention, Syracuse, New York - by Bill Jeske

This years National Convention in Syracuse was attended by 8 members of the Connecticut Eastern Chapter.  These were Regional Vice President, William wood and his wife Grace, Mr. and Mrs. Art Schnabel, Dick Sobielo, Bert Turcotte, Howard Bidwell and Bill Jeske.

From the outset it was quite evident how much work the Central New York Chapter had put into this event.  All events were well planned and 
although some ran a little longer than advertised, they all went off without any inconvenience to the attendees.  The convention offered something for everyone who attended.  There were seminars, night photo sessions, photo run-bys, a great banquet with an interesting speaker and movie, and of course the rail trips. 

My favorite trip was on the Adirondack Northern, form Utica to Thendara N.Y.  We left the hotel at about 7:30 am by bus to Utica.  Leaving Utica 
we were treated to some spectacular scenery heading north to Thendara.  We stopped for a photo run-by in Remson and got great pictures of the RS-3 and the Century 425 leading the consist.  A tasty lunch was then served a little further up the line.  We arrived at Thendara in 
mid-afternoon and after about 1 1/2 hour layover we headed south to Utica arriving back in Syracuse at about 10:30 p.m.  This trip featured 
pine forests, rivers, small towns and a vintage Alco lashup. 

On Friday we went on a RDC trip around Syracuse in the morning.  At the hotel was a small train show, seminars, and in the afternoon the board of directors meeting and general membership meeting.  The guest speaker at Friday nights banquet was Walter Rich, President of the NY, S&W. 

On Saturday we were off to Binghamton in a long excursion pulled by the ex-Valley Railroad Chinese steam engine and 3 E units.  An unexpected surprise was the ex-New Haven Railroad sleeper, Pine Tree State and an 
ex-New Haven Railroad diner or grill car.  Once again the trip was blessed with fine weather and good scenery.  We arrived back in Syracuse 
around 5 p.m. and Dick and Burt then attended a night photo session. 

If their was any downside to this years convention it was at the Board of Directors meeting, the 2000 convention was awarded to the Lancaster, PA chapter to be held in Pittsburgh PA.  The Western Connecticut Chapter had hoped to host this convention and 

a trip was planned to visit our museum during the convention.  The vote was fairly close 39-30.  It would have been a great opportunity for us to show the rest of the NRHS our accomplishments. 

Our hats go off to the Central New York Chapter for a job well done!


Please welcome the following new members to our chapter: Warren Riccitelli, Jr, William T. Bouchelle, Jr, and Dale Lehoux.  They were
voted in to the chapter at the August business meeting.  Glad to have you all aboard!

Future Chapter Member

Congratulations to members Tom and Michelle Collins on the birth of their son, Owen Thomas in July!  Remember, its never to early to sign up 
new members. 

Model T & A Club to have Picnic at    Museum 

Sunday August 23, 1998 should be marked on your calendar because once again this year the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum will be hosting a  "GET-TO-GETHER" with the Model T and A Club at our museum site.  Member Ted Swol has once again invited the Model T and A Club to come on down to our site and enjoy a picnic.  All members of the chapter are invited and encouraged to attend.  The picnic will start at 11:00am and will last until your tuckered out!  Ted will provide hamburgers and hot dogs with the fixin's and asks for a donation to defray the cost.  If you could bring a dish, snack, or soda to share it would be appreciated.  Bring your chairs, and plan on having a good time as your 
taking a ride in an old automobile or truck.  If you need additional information or just have a question, give Ted a call and he'll help you out.  Ted can be reached at 423-7285. 

Calendars for Sale...

Get your 1999 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Calendars!  Boy how time flies, it seems that we just finished selling the 1998 calendars and here we are starting 1999.  As always the 
calendar committee has done an excellent job picking some great pictures for the pages of 1999.  We feature a west-bound freight crossing Bridge Street, Willimantic on the cover with the Windham Town Hall and the Gallows crossing signal in the background!  A similar picture is 
highlighted in December on a cold and snowy day.  Also included are pictures of the Saybrook Junction Freight House and a passenger train on the west leg of the wye at the rear of the museum site.  Calendars are again selling for $4.00 each or we will mail them postage paid for $5.00.  Get yours at the museum on Saturday mornings or make arrangements with any of the officers listed on the rear of The Ghost Train Journal.
SNET has donated another $48.42 
to the chapter for participating in SNET 
COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS.  Please consider helping the chapter and get your friends and neighbors to sign up.  It costs nothing, but the chapter gets a check every quarter.  Call Jeff Ricard for additional information. 

Since many of our members have been on vacation and we have postponed the last two general membership meetings, I have included an excerpt of the August 2nd Business meeting minutes below. 

President Joe Cerreto noted that we are in the middle of the application process for the $400,000.00 from economic development.  This 
is now being called the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Urban Grant. 

Additional paperwork will have to be completed.  Joe is looking into getting us a lawyer to help administer this grant.  Also Joe is gathering information on officially adding the museum name to the chapter name. 
A new floodlight has been installed at the site and is operational, this should help deter some of the thefts and break ins. 

The installation of the freight house roof sheathing has been completed and the first course of shingles have been applied. 

A new gas tank is currently being installed on the rail coach, lighting has been installed in the section house.  The first yard switch now has a lock and planning for the 1999 train show has begun.

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