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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 6, Number 2, February 1998 


Please welcome 6 new members to our chapter.  All six members were voted into the chapter at the January meeting. Kenneth Dooley, Wilfred Thompson, Dick and Jean Wahner, Jan and Karen McCollum.

On the Editors Desk ......

The 1998 National Convention will be held in Syracuse, NY this year being presented by the Central New York Chapter, NRHS from July 8-12, 1998.  At our last general meeting in January, several members mentioned that they would be attending this year.  I would ask that members who plan to attend contact National Director Bill Jeske, so that we may get a count of attendees.  We may be able to arrange some travel or accommodations with our chapters members.

The Executive Committee was invited to a Triboard get-together on January 19th.  The boards of the Jillson Museum, Windham History and Textile Museum and the Connecticut Eastern Chapter, NRHS were treated to a wonderful dinner at the home of Trudy Bancroft in Windham Center.  Members of each board had time to meet each other and socialize before dinner.  After dessert, members of each board discussed ideas to help the three museums work together and to attack similar problems that we each have.  Suggestions were made to avoid scheduling events on the same date that conflict and to schedule events that would encourage patrons to journey to each museum.  Discussions came up on increasing memberships and how to encourage younger members to join and participate.

It was decided that board members of the big three would have a meeting in the near future to further our discussions.  Thanks again to Trudy for an excellent dining experience and a positive start to a new co-operative effort.

I am sure I don't have to remind you that the Sixth Annual Connecticut Eastern Railroad Show is approaching us fast.  March 22nd should be reserved on your calendar.  Actually March 21st in the evening should also be reserved for setup of the show.  (This has not been confirmed as of this writing, but better safe than sorry.)  Volunteers will again be needed to put up signs, parking, and help vendors unload on the 22nd.  For now we need you to get some of our fliers to local libraries, hobby shops, banks and other businesses that will allow postings.  (Please ask before posting!)  Contact Bill Robinson or any chapter officer if you have any questions.

You may have noticed the last two issues of The Ghost Train Journal have contained advertisements.  We have begun offering this service to anyone wishing to reach our members.  This will help to defray the cost of the newsletter and possibly add some cash to our treasury.  Below are the posted rates for inserts and business card size ads in the journal.

Business Card Size Ad $10.00 per issue.
(no membership discount)
Full page insert (we print) $35.00 (no membership discount)
Full page insert (you print) $25.00, (membership discount $20.00)

All inserts and advertisements are due on the 15th of the month prior to the month they need to be run.  Example:  For the March Newsletter advertisements are due on February 15th.   170 copies of each insert will be needed.  Contact Jeff Ricard (860-742-7759) for additional information.


Order Board

Help Wanted  Inquire within -- The chapter is looking for an individual or individuals to step forward that would be willing to take on the challenge of moving some rolling stock to our museum site. Currently we have 2 cabooses and 1 box car  that need to be moved.  If you would be willing to take on such a project please contact one of the chapter officers listed on the back of this newsletter. 

There is still time to sign up for the various committees and we encourage your participation.  Please consider giving your chapter a hand and get involved in the chapters operations.  Committees needing assistance are:  Membership, Acquisitions, Newsletter, Grant Writing, Public Relations, Good and Welfare, Entertainment, Restoration and Construction and Sales.  Please contact Jeff Ricard at 742-7759 if you are interested in joining.

Vandals strike Saybrook Tower

On Saturday January 31st a break in occurred at the Saybrook  Tower in Saybrook Connecticut.  Apparently, the thief was after the switch levers and rods and anything else that could be salvaged from the abandoned post.  Nothing unusual so far except  this time he got caught.  When this person was questioned as to what he was doing, he said that we was with the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum and was working for us.  Our thief even had Joe Cerreto and Bill Jeske's phone numbers as proof!  The police still found it rather strange that this man did not have any type of permit or letter to be on Amtrak property, so a call was placed to Joe and Bill for confirmation.  As it turns out, this person was from Ohio, with no affiliation to our chapter.  Saybrook and Amtrak police handled it from their.

So a word of warning - Our chapter is very careful about having permission in writing before any salvage or demolition work is performed off of our property.  All committees are reminded that any work of this nature should be discussed at a general or business meeting to obtain the proper paperwork.


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