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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 6, Number 1, January, 1998 


Please welcome 8 new members to our chapter.  They are David Baker, Judy Baker, Frank Fascione, Darlene McCarthy, John Voorvaart, Patie Griffin, Carl Anderson and Diane Anderson.  All eight members were voted into the chapter at the November meeting.  We currently have 192 members on our membership listing. 

Just a reminder - - Please make sure you send in your membership dues form for 1998.  We would like to try and keep our membership as close to 200 as we can! 


On the Editors Desk ......

Here we are in a brand new year, 1998, which means that we will be starting volume six of the Ghost Train Journal.  I am proud to say that we have successfully completed the five years without missing one single issue and delivering them to you on time.  Not many organizations can say that of their newsletter.  However the newsletter staff (me) needs some help.  I would welcome assistance from any member that would be willing to write a news story or two, or from a member that would be willing to take over as the editor of The Ghost Train Journal.  If you a interested in submitting an article, please send it to the chapters mailing address. 

We will need members who are willing to work our table at the Amherst Railroad Show on the Big E fairgrounds , Jan 31st and February 1st.  This is a huge event and admission will be free (if you will manning our table).  Please call Jeff Laverty for additional information or if you want to help out.  If you're interested you need to get with Jeff right away.  Call him at 429-7961. 

Anyone wishing to ride coach can do so, we finally received the delivery of our two New Haven coaches.  They arrived onsite in December without any problems.  We would like to thank the P&W railroad and NEC railroad for their help in the move, and a special thank you to Bill Jeske and his crew for getting the coaches ready for shipment.

Paul Shamonis has been working on a listing of general rules for our railroad operations rule book.  Here is the list that Paul came up with so far.  Please read through the rules, so that we can discuss and approve at the January meeting. 

A) Personnel whose duties are affected by these rules will have a current copy of the rules while on duty.  Also personnel affected by a timetable will have a current copy of the timetable while on duty. 

B) Personnel whose duties are subject to the rules must be conversant with and obey all rules and instructions. 

C) Personnel must pass the required examinations annually. 

D) Personnel working on, or engaged with,  the movement of trains are subject to the rules, timetable and special instructions. 

E) Personnel must faithfully carryout the rules and special instructions and report any violations of the rules, misconduct or negligence tot he supervisors. 

F) Accidents, failure of equipment, track, roadbed, signals, protective devices, safety equipment, or any unusual condition affecting movement of trains must be promptly protected and reported to proper authorities. 

G) The use of intoxicants, narcotics, controlled substances, medication prescribed by a doctor adversely affecting their alertness or coordination is forbidden while on duty. 

H) The use of tobacco by personnel on duty in or about passenger areas, cars or where a fire hazard exists is prohibited. 

I) Personnel responding for duty shall make good use of prior off duty time to be fit and alert for safe prompt, efficient discharge of their duties.  Use of intoxicants within eight hours of reporting for duty is prohibited. 

J) Personnel in public contact must be neat in appearance and must wear the prescribed badge and uniform whenever possible. 

K) Personnel in contact with or to transact business with the public must be courteous, act professionally. Must not discriminate between patrons of the museum railroad.  The acceptance of gratuities is prohibited except for contributions or donations to the museum or chapter. 

L) Personnel must use economy and care in the use of museum railroad property.  When leaving the service or upon demand by proper authority will surrender or return property entrusted to their care.  In case of danger to museum railroad property, personnel are requested to unite to protect it. 

M) Personnel must exercise care to avoid injury to themselves or others.  They must observe the conditions of equipment and tools, location of restricted clearances, and must be alert for movement of equipment, or trains on any track .  Boarding or riding the foot boards of a moving engine is prohibited. 

N) Personnel who are insubordinate, dishonest, careless of safety or conduct themselves in such a manner as to subject the museum railroad to loss of good will or criticism will not be retained in service. 

O) Personnel  while on duty shall not engage in activities distracting them from their duties.  Listening to public broadcast radio, television, reading newspapers, books or periodicals is prohibited. 

P) Personnel shall not carry or possess firearms or other deadly weapons while on museum railroad property except with special written permission by the proper authorities. 

Q) Personnel will not substitute others in their place without proper authority. 

R) Personnel must not be negligent, dishonest, insubordinate or make false reports.  They must not enter into altercations, horseplay or practical jokes. 

S) Personnel are responsible for the proper care of museum railroad property entrusted to them.  They must not appropriate museum railroad property for personal use without proper permission. 

T) Personnel shall not allow unauthorized persons to operate engines, trains, track cars or other safety sensitive equipment without proper authority. 

U) Personnel are prohibited except in case of emergency from altering, nullifying or in any manner restricting or interfering with the normal function of any device on equipment or locomotives, or cars, or other museum railroad property, in which case a report must be made. 

V) Operators of trains must have a valid motor vehicle operators license from their state of residence.


Order Board

Just a reminder that we have started work sessions during the day on Tuesdays at 9:00am.  If you can volunteer your time please contact Burt Turcott or Dick Sobielo. 

National Statistical Information as of November: 
Total number of chapters = 174 
16,039 regular members 
3,305 Family members 
19,344 Total paid memberships 

New England Region Vice President William Wood reports in the National NRHS News that the Canaan Union Railroad station in Canaan CT, the oldest operating Union Station in the US, including three on site cabooses, is for sale for a cool $850,000.00  The 8,500 square foot building is on the Register of Historic Places and has tenants already in the building.  (Via NRHS News)

Help is needed selling the 1998 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Calendar! 
We have been promoting the 1998 Connecticut Railroad Stations Calendar  over the last several months.  I would like to report that as of the end of December we have only sold 629 calendars.  We are still several hundred dollars short of our break even point.  We need our members to really put fourth an effort to get these calendars sold.  The price per calendar is $3.00 for our members and we request that you sell them to the public for $4.00.  Please contact Jeff Laverty or an officer listed on the back of the Journal for information.  We will also be glad to mail them for $5.00 each. 

The next Scheduled meeting of the 
Connecticut Eastern Chapter, 
National Railway Historical Society 
will be at the Willimantic Fire/Police complex 
on Sunday January 18th at 7:00 pm. 

Please note: The monthly business meeting will be held at the 
same location on the first Sunday of the month. 
All members are welcome to attend.


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