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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 5, Number 10, October, 1997 

Order Board

Just a reminder that we have started work sessions during the day on Tuesdays at 9:00am.  If you can volunteer your time please contact Burt Turcott or Dick Sobielo.  Their phone numbers are listed on the back page of the newsletter. 
Elections, Elections, Elections 
It is that time of year again to elect officers for the chapter.  We would like to encourage any member that would be interested in running for office to get your name to the nominating committee.  The members of this committee are Bill Robinson, Art Hall, and Jeff Laverty.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the October meeting. 

Entertainment for October -   Member Bill Voorvaart will present us with a slide show featuring early steam in the east at the October meeting. 

The new  1998 Connecticut Railroad Stations Calendar is hot off the press.   This year, with experience under our belt from the 1997 calendar, significant changes were made.  The price was lowered , glossy paper was used and the photos are in black and white.  We think you will enjoy what we have put together.  Thanks to the Calendar Committee for another fine job!  It is now up to our members to get involved and start selling, selling, selling!  The price per calendar is $3.00 for our members and we request that you sell them to the public for $4.00.  Please contact Jeff Laverty or an officer listed on the back of the Journal for information.  We will also be glad to mail them for $5.00 each.

Just a reminder to return your locomotive designs for the 25 tonner to the chapter for consideration.  All entries will be reviewed and the top five will be chosen.  At the next regular meeting members will vote on the top 5 to pick a winner.  Thanks to all of you that have entered a design so far! 

Any members wishing to be a chairmen or be part of the various committees, please let us know.  Its almost time for the new appointments. 

Electricity has been finally installed at the site.  We now have the ability to use electric tools whenever needed.  This will also help with lighting while restoring the interior of our railcars. 

Included in this months issue is a flier from the Transit Alliance of Eastern Connecticut in cooperation with the Trails and Rails Action Coalition (TRAC) which is sponsoring an Autumn Rail Excursion.  Get your ticket early to ensure your spot on the train.  The Transit Alliance has allowed us to sell calendars during the excursion.  Please contact Jeff Laverty or an officer to offer your assistance on this excellent opportunity. 

Thanks to the following members that have made contributions to the Locomotive fund for the month of September: 
Jeff Ricard 
Amherst Railway Society - Engineer 

Member Jerry Griffin found the following poem in a pamphlet called The Railroad Brakeman, at the Mansfield Drive In Flea Market.  The poem was printed for the benefit of Mr. Frank Kelley who lost his leg on B. & L. RR while in the faithful discharge of his duties as a brakeman. 

Dust-grimed features, weather-beaten, 
Hands that show the scars of toil 
Do you envy him his station, 
Patient tiller of the soil? 
In the storm or in the sunshine, 
He must mount the speeding train,  
Ride outside at post of duty, 
Heeding not the drenching rain. 

In the pleasant summer weather,  
Standing on the car-top high, 
He can view the charming landscape, 
As he rushes swiftly by, 
When he notes the beauteous picture, 
Which the lovely landscape makes, 
Suddenly across his dreaming 
Comes the quick, shrill cry for brakes. 

But when winter's icy fingers, 
Cover earth with snowy shroud, 
And the north wind like a madman 
Pushes on with shrieking loud, 
Then behold the gallant brakeman 
Spring to heed the engine's call 
Running o'er the icy car-tops, 
God protect him if he fall. 

Do not scorn to treat him kindly 
He will give you smile for smile 
Though he is nothing but a brakeman, 
Do not deem him surely vile, 
Speak to him in kindly language 
Through his clothes are coarse or plain. 
For he has a fearless heart, 
That feels both joy and pain. 

He may have a widowed mother, 
He may be her only joy, 
Mayhap in her home she's praying 
For the safety of her boy. 
How he loves that dear old mother 
Toiling for her day by day, 
Always bringing her some present, 
Every time he draws his pay. 

Daily facing death and danger, 
One mis-step of slop of hand, 
Sends the poor unlucky brakeman 
To the dreaded unknown land. 
When we scan our evening paper 
Note what its filled columns say 
One brief line attracts our notice- 
"One more brakeman killed to day." 

In her little lonely cottage, 
Waiting in the waning light, 
Sits the luckless brakeman's mother, 
She expects here boy to-night. 
Some one brings the fatal message 
God have mercy! Hear her pray 
As she reads the fearful story, 
"Killed while coupling cars to-day." 

The next Scheduled meeting of the 
Connecticut Eastern Chapter, 
National Railway Historical Society 
will be at the Willimantic Fire/Police complex on Sunday October 19th at 7:00 pm. 

Please note: The monthly business meeting will be held at the same location on the first Sunday of the month.  All members are welcome to attend. 

Dates to Remember

October 18 -Balloon Festival in Willimantic.  We will have the site open 9-5 for visitors to come and take a tour.  The model T&A club may have volunteers bring some autos to the site.  Volunteers are needed to staff. 

 November 15 - Annual Banquet.  To be held again this year at Eastern CT State University in Willimantic.  Move info will be at the September meeting and in the October Ghost Train Journal. 

News Flash!! 

Work sessions will now be held at the site now every Tuesday Mornings at 9:00am. 


Please welcome Karl and Betsy Acimovic, and Elizabeth Jordan to the chapter.  Glad to have you aboard! 

Get your 1998 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Calendar!


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