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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 5, Number 7, July 1997 
Connecticut Eastern Buys 
K&L Feed #1 

A few weeks ago seeking information on our CV flat car, I contacted Bill Brigham of the Central Vermont Railway Historical Society.  The next day he called back to say that Jim Murphy, also of the CV Railway Historical Society has just told him that K&L was interested in getting rid of the Alco S-4 switcher that they used for moving cars around their Yantic feed mill. 

Bill Jeske contacted K&L the following day and found that they already had a tentative buyer in Pennsylvania, but that the deal was not final.  The price was $11,000.00.  They preferred to see the locomotive preserved in New England and indicated their willingness to hold off on selling it for two weeks so that we could follow our acquisitions procedure and vote on it at our regular monthly meeting. 


  • Built by Alco Locomotive Works in Schenectady, NY in September 1955 for the Central Vermont Railway.
  • Alco Model S-4, 1000 HP diesel electric switcher, builders number 81401.

  • Central Vermont Railway assigned it #8081, class MS-10J (Number 8080 was purchased at the same time)
  • This was the last of six S-2's and S-4's purchased new by the CV between December 1941 and September 1955, and the last to remain on the roster.
  • It was the eighth diesel purchased new by the CV and the ninth diesel on the roster.
  • Original paint schemes: Black with yellow letter band along the top of long hood, maple leaf logo under the windows.
  • Second paint scheme:  Black, red and white with "wet noodle" CV logo.
  • Third paint scheme:  June 1980  Green and yellow with "Wet Noodle" logo and 2 horizontal stripes.  Paint scheme was designed by the CV (and former Rutland) employee George Mumley.
  • On March 20, 1981, all CV locomotives including 8081 were leased to parent Grand Trunk Corporation, but remained assigned to the CV.
  • 8081 was sold to K&L feed on December 4, 1987 and became their number 1.
As a museum, our mission is to preserve and display the railroad heritage of Eastern Connecticut and New England, particularly focusing on our two home roads:  The New Haven and the CV.  Motive power choices to serve our mission will be limited.  No New Haven steam survives and only 4-6-0 #220 from the CV still exists and that is at the Shelburn Museum in Vermont.  So for home road motive power, diesels are it.  First generation diesels purchased new by the CV railroad included only the six S-2's and S-4's, two RS-3's and 11 freight GP-9's and 7 passenger GP-9's.  Again, the choices are few and the opportunities to obtain one of these rare.  The 8081's price of $11,000.00 is about 1/3 of the going price for an S-4 and the same as we paid for the 44 tonner, and was only a few miles away.  This was an opportunity not to be missed. 
At our June meeting, the issue was discussed and it was agreed to acquire the 8081.  The following day, a deposit of $1000.00 was delivered to K&L with the remainder obtained through a bank loan being turned over on June 27, 1997.  K&L made arrangements for shipping to Willimantic and after a couple minor delays it arrived in Willimantic on July 2, 1997. 

We will be repainting the locomotive for the CV.  At this point, most of our members that I've spoken to seem to favor the 1980 green and yellow scheme. 
------------------------------------ by Art Hall 


 Please extend a warm welcome to the following members who were voted into the chapter in June:  Jane Cushman, Steven Ober, Robert Hassett, Milo Tsukroff, Elizabeth and Walter Wardwell. 

Pushing the throttle to our new goal                        - by Joe Cerreto

As you have just finished reading the lead story, you can see that the chapter has taken a giant step in acquiring this treasured Alco locomotive from K&L Feed. Since this type of locomotive fits right in with our museum plans, and it would be hard to pass up a deal such as this, right in our own back yard, a proposal to purchase this engine was put fourth to our members and was accepted. 

As some of you may remember, back in 1994 we made an appeal to our members to help defray the cost of purchasing our turntable.  We were very successful in our efforts and would now like to ask our members to again make a pledge to help pay off our $10,000.00 bank loan from the Norwich Savings Society. 

All members and/or supporters of the locomotive fund will receive a certificate of appreciation from the chapter as a memento of their support.  Those members that make a donation of $100.00 will become part of the Brakemans class of contributors, donations of $250.00 will become part of the Conductors class and donations of $500.00 or more will be in the Engineers class.  All pledges and donations of $100.00 or more will be recognized with their name on a plaque.

Members may choose to make a pledge now and pay in installments or may make a contribution all at once.  A pledge of $156.00 can be reached by setting aside $3.00 per week, $208.00 at only $4.00 per week.  Any amount you could contribute would be sincerely appreciated and would go along way at paying off our loan.  Come on down and check out the locomotive and see what your chapter is working towards.  It has been said in the past by this chapter, "Most of us will not leave much behind to show what we have accomplished as we go through life.  We have an opportunity before us to build a museum that can be enjoyed by many many generations of railfans, and to leave our mark on the landscape.  Lets all pull together, raise the money we need, and continue to build the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum." 
 Click here for a printable donation form 
The Model T & A club will be meeting at our site on August 1st at 4:00 PM.  All members that would like to come on down to the site for a ride in one of these antique cars is invited.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixins will be provided by Ted Swol.  A donation to defray the cost is requested.  Members should bring their own drinks, and some type of salad or dessert that could be shared.  Those members that attended last year can't wait for this year's event.  We suggest you don't miss your chance this year.

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