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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 5, Number 5 May 1997 
On the Editors Desk ..... 
We have recently completed the transaction to purchase a caboose from RMNE. In addition to the caboose we have also completed the transaction to purchase 2 New Haven stainless steel coaches. By the time you read this article, the coaches will be undergoing preparations for their journey to Willimantic. Currently they are sitting on a siding in the state of Rhode Island and are expected to arrive in Willimantic within the next few months. And to top the above news with one better, we have also purchased a 25 ton locomotive from Northeast Utilities! The 25 tonner also is being worked on to be transported to Willimantic in the very near future. We will try to bring you some additional details and specifications of the equipment that I just mentioned in upcoming editions of the Ghost Train Journal. 
Order Board 
  $369.55 has been received so far from the SNET community Connections program. If you haven't signed up yet, contact one of the officers or surf to  

  The grant writing committee has been working hard applying to the American Savings Bank Foundation to help with the purchase and move of the NH coaches and also the installation of power to the rear of the site. If selected we should have an answer by mid summer. 

Welcome New Members! 
Please welcome the following members to the chapter: George and Susan Hildebrand, Bruce Edgerton, Maurice and Rose Bisson and Harold Ishram. 

This Months Entertainment 
Apologies for the April entertainment. We had a burned bulb in the slide projector. When we went to replace the bulb with the spare, we found we also had a burnt spare. So, we are going to try again this month to have Bob LaMay do his presentation. If you were not able to make the meeting last month, now is your chance.

Rail Revival Tour  
The Transit Alliance will be sponsoring a Rail Revival Tour on May 17th. You will be able to ride between Willimantic and New London and return. Trains will depart from under the Willimantic footbridge. Passengers are encouraged to spend the day in New London. A variety of activities, including a shuttle bus to Mystic sites are planned. Also the Fishers Island Ferry offers a boat trip to the island. Morning and afternoon trips with no stopovers are also available. Cost for the trips are $24.00 for adults and $12.00 for children 14 and under. Call Joe Cerreto if you would like tickets, or call (860) 429-5781 for additional information. Call soon! 
You know your a railfan when... drive the backroads rather than the interstate because they follow the main line. can change film while driving. think the leading actor in "Runaway Train" was really the train. keep the scanner in the kitchen so you can listen to the dispatcher and yardmaster while you wash dishes. 
...somebody gets your kid a sweatsuit with a train on it and you stay up at night to "fix" the picture before you send him outdoors in it. whistle for grade crossings while driving your car. have your wife get out of your pickup truck and "flag" your "reverse move" in a parking lot. start criticizing mailboxes dressed up like steam locomotives at craft shows.(NRHS Newsletter)
A Polygamous Director 
One of a party left his corner seat in an already crowded railway-car to go in search of something to eat, leaving a rug to reserve his place. Returning he found that, in spite of the rug and the protests of his fellow passengers, the seat had been usurped by a well dressed woman. With flashing eyes she turned upon him: "Do you know, sir, that I am one of the directors' wives?""Madam" he replied "were you the director's only wife I should still protest." 

Interesting Statistical information from the National Activities report (April 1997) 
1997 Total number of chapters: 172 
1997 Regular members: 12993 
1997 Family members: 2559 
Total paid memberships: 15552 (3/28) 
'96 Regular members not renewed: 4293 
'96 Family members not renewed:1008 
Contributions with renewals: $19,127 

  The chapter still has a Walk Around Throttle Control for sale to any member that would be interested. The control works with any scale. Manufactured by Custom Circuit Co. of Middletown. Lifetime Guarantee. List price is $64.95. For Sale to chapter members for $40.00. Contact an officer on the back page of the newsletter for info. 

The next Scheduled meeting of the Connecticut Eastern Chapter, National Railway Historical Societywill be at the Willimantic Fire/Police complex on Sunday May 18th at 7:00 pm. Please note: The monthly business meeting will be held at the same location on the first Sunday of the month. All members are welcome to attend. 

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