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Jeffrey Ricard, Editor  Volume 5, Number 4 April 1997 
Train Show hits the mark again!  
The 1997 train show was a complete success again. As you will see from the figures on the following pages, the numbers came in real close to last year. We must be doing something right. 

The train show committee was a little on edge this year because some of our usual vendors from the western part of the state were attending a show in New York that happened to coincide with ours. We compensated by inviting new vendors and expanding the size of the layouts. In the end everything turned out OK. Now the task begins at starting the 1998 show. It is a never ending cycle. 

Order Board  
An all member work day is being scheduled for May 17, 1997 to work on redecking the flat car. Currently we have removed the old decking and over the next few weeks will be priming the metal framing. On the 17th we would like to begin to relay the new decking boards. Work will begin at 9:00 am and the chapter may spring for lunch. Come on down and give us a hand. 

SNET Community Connections 
Again I would like to remind all members about the easiest fund raiser that we have heard of yet! The SNET Community Connections program. When you sign up with SNET for all your calling -- or confirm that you are already using SNET All Distance -- the Connecticut Eastern Chapter gets 5% of you monthly long distance bill for a whole year. Signing up is now even easier. You can call SNET at 1-800-635-SNET or contact one of the officers and we can send you a form. You can even sign up online at Remember, you don't have to belong to the chapter to sign up for this program. Get your friends to help out! Give us a hand! 

Walk Around Throttle For Sale  
The chapter has a walk around throttle for sale. This was donated to us by Custom Circuit Company of Middletown, CT to sell at our train show. This unit has a lifetime guarantee and lists for $64.95. The unit works with any scale model railroad and would be sold to any member for $40.00. If you are interested please contact an officer or email us.  

Visit the Benson Moutain Co.  
Mr. Peter Bouley, President of the Benson Moutain Company of Pascoag, RI came down to the site for a visit in early February. He has offered his company's services to the chapter. The Benson Mountain Company works with railroad museums and private individuals to help save steam operated locomotives, boats, etc. Mr. Benson was very interested in the railbus that we are currently restoring and wanted to extend an invitation to the chapter to visit the RI shops. 
If you would like to take an afternoon ride you can visit the shops at 1555 Wallum Lake Rd. in Pascoag, RI. 

Welcome New Members  
Please welcome the following members to the chapter: Michael Makuch and Christine Chaulk were voted in at the March meeting. 


Freedom Train  
A request was recieved from Todd Schannuth who is producing a documentary about the American Freedom Train of 1975-76 and is looking for the chapter's help. Todd is looking for any photos, slides or prints of the train on display in New London, Meriden, or Providence, or any information on the Preamble Express or the 1947-48 Freedom Train. If you can help Todd out please contact us and we will put you in touch with him. 

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