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The Model T&A Club's Picnic at Our Site (August 1998)

...featuring a race between some of the classic cars and our pump car!

Thanks to Milo Tsukroff for pictures (taken from his video) and captions.  Click pics for larger view.

A shot of the pump car, down at the end of the yard, taken from the motor car. You can see the switches to the left. This is where the race is going to run by the cameras. While we are waiting for the race, the Model T&A club drives some of the kids around in their vintage autos. Looks like 1920 again! Spectators lounge on the flat car, waiting for the race...
... AND THEY'RE OFF! A Model 'T' races the pump car. They're going by the switches at the end of the yard, the pump car was switched onto the middle track. The Model 'T' pulls past the pump car. Those guys are really pumping hard! There they go, whipping past the locomotive that was pulling the flat car.
The pump car goes flying by the end of the flatcar. Everybody is watching. The engineer fired up the locomotive at this moment and began to chase the racers down the main track. Down the tracks they go! The end of the flat car is at left, the pump car is in the middle and the Model 'T' is on the right. There's the engine pushing the flatcar after the racers. The pump car is already heading around the bend, while another Model 'T' roars past in hot pursuit.
Going around the curve, the spectator train is way behind the pump car, while the Model 'T' is flying along the access road. They're almost out of sight on the curve. That's the second Model 'T' on the right. The engine is painted in primer brown but has since been re-painted. Everybody on the flat car is in a good mood as the train comes back to the station house. One fellow got so excited that he lost his head...
Track laying crew trying out our powered rail spiker as a Model 'T' passes by. A scene from the roaring 20's. A lineup of Model T's and Model A's at our museum site on August 23, 1998. The cars belong to the visiting members of the Four Seasons Model T's and the Blue S Model A Club.  

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