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This dual-mode FL9 was built for the New Haven Railroad in November 1960 at General Motor's Electro-Motive Division (EMD) and assigned road number 2057. It was rebuilt by the Chrome Locomotive Companyin Silvas, IL in 1985 at which time it was renumbered as #2023, and served both Connecticut and New York until retired from service in September 2002. It was donated to the museum by the Connecticut DOT Office of Rail and arrived at the museum on February 7, 2003 with help from the Providence & Worcester and New England Central railroads.

The dual-mode FL9 operates normally in diesel-electric mode but converts to electified operation while in motion by lowering a shoe which makes contact with an energized third rail. At that time the diesel engine is shut down and the electric motors take over, a transition that occurs so smoothly that passengers are not even aware that it has taken place. On the New Haven Railroad, the changeover to electric operation occured when approaching New York City in the area of Woodlawn, NY. When leaving the city, the third rail shoes were raised and the diesel engines took over.

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