2012 Eastern Connecticut Railroad History Calendar

Hot off the presses...

... and available for purchase now - the 2012 Eastern Connecticut Railroad History calendar. The front cover features the museum's newly newly-restored 'Gallows' Signal. From 1854 to the 1950s, A two-armed signal(nicknamed the 'Gallows' because is represented a hanging gallows)was positioned just west of Bridge Street in Willimantic, CT on the north side of three rail lines that junctioned at that spot. The various positions of the Gallows two arms governed traffic through the junction by informing an approaching engineer as to whether or not the switches were lined for his intended route. The Gallows signal was removed around 1963.

The back cover information about the Museum and the Connecticut Eastern Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.
The 2012 Calendar is available at the Museum Gift Shop (open seasonally), at the following retail locations, and can also be ordered by mail for $6.00 + $1.50 shipping and handling. A printable order form is provided for your convenience.

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