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May 14, 2009 Update

And a long time coming! Thanks, Taj, for the nudge!

Our 0-4-0t sitting on stall 6 lead.

The CV 4052 out of the roundhouse for repair.

The 4052 being worked on.

Track work continues in all directions, here is the ash pit lead.

Prior to completion this is what pit 4 looked like after being uncovered.

A shot of the front of the roundhouse 2 years ago.

And now! Who put all that junk there!

The pit 3 lead rails waiting for spikes.

I bet you were wondering what the valve train of an FL9 looked like!

Recently installed grade crossings over the roundhouse pit leads.  From Left to right these are stalls 3, 4 and 5.

I would love to work at the museum all the time but since I can't, I have been refurbishing a Union Switch and Signal Co. H5 search light signal at home.  Hopefully this will be installed at the museum this year as yet another "hands on" attraction.

Newly refurbished H5 signal mechanism, showing green.

Newly refurbished H5 signal mechanism, showing yellow.

Newly refurbished H5 signal mechanism, showing red.

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