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March 29th 2008

The turntable is done (well.... almost)

We have spiked 60 feet of rail, the most important 60 feet (in my opinion).

Mark and Bill are pre-drilling for the spikes.

The spiked table. The track machine saves many backs.

The number 15 switch has been tamped.

With the #15 done, we have started to raise and ballast the turntable lead.

With the initial courses installed, the main beams are being installed in pit 4.

Another view of the #4 pit in the roundhouse.

A view of the turntable lead after it has been jacked to grade.

We have a lot to tamp prior to getting any equipment on the table.

Just in case you were wondering, these are the GPS coordinates for our turntable bridge (give or take 30 feet:).

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