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December 07 and January 08

I have been very busy planning my wedding and I haven't had much time. I will try to update the progress at the museum as best I can.

Turn table ties notched, routed, numbered and ready to go.

In order to protect the rails and ties, we piled dirt after the rails were installed in the round house.

Now that we are getting close to having an operating turntable, we need to extend the track from the round house. We have cleared the dirt so we can lay the track to the turntable pit.

Our SW8 looks so nice after the first snowfall, not that it doesn't the rest of the year.

When the snow flies and the ground is frozen there is still plenty to do. Here Ralph is rebuilding the compressor that provides the air we need to tamp ballast.

My guess is, when it snows we are either going to have to shovel or not use the turn table.

Our round house playing in the snow.

After a week of warm weather we were able to get some more tamping done. Here Bob takes his turn while Art supplies ballast and Mark makes sure everything is done right.

After the mortar in pit 4 cured the first row of spacers were placed.

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