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Central Vermont Caboose #4052  (Updated 5/14/2009)
This rare wooden center cupola caboose was built by American Car & Foundry in 1923 for the Central Vermont Railroad based on USRA design. It was sold to the Conn. Electric Railway in 1959 and later purchased by and delivered to the Museum in May 1999.
Restoration is underway this page will catalog the progress.

As you can see, there is work to be done.
Some of the interior wood was charred in a fire and will need to be replaced.
Some the wood removed so far, most of this will be reused.
The conductor's desk being removed so we can gain access to the floor for inspection and repair.
As the roofing material was removed the extent of the damage around the chimney was revealed.
A picture of the caboose outside for metal repair.
The metal frame on both ends needs to be replaced, here we see the old rivits after being cut off.
Another shot after more rivets were cut.
Working to remove the rivits.
You can see the wheel since most of the metal deck has been removed.

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